Hello Everyone!

We are so excited to see what Jesus Christ is going to do at the Ascension Convention this week.  As the departure day approaches I wanted to give you a what to bring check list, departure/ return itinerary, and our expectations:


Liability Release/Permission forms (Attached to this page are the forms you need to fill out, print, sign, and bring to Solutions Church by 8am April 13, 2017) 

Spending Money for food (at least $20 recommended, enough to cover 3 meals) 

   Snacks to share*(optional)

   Change of Clothes for two nights and pajamas/sleepwear

    Toiletries (i.e. toothbrush/Toothpaste, soap, contact solution, contact case, etc.)

     If you are on prescription medication, don’t forget it!  We will have a basic first

     aid kit. 


*PLEASE NOTE: All medication must be checked in with the leader. Please respond with any known allergies of concern.



 Departure from Solutions Church: Meet to leave at 4:30PM on Thursday April 13, 2017

 Return to Solutions Church: Saturday April 15, 2017 around 12:00PM. A detailed schedule is attached to this email.  (The night before the return day please have all belongings packed.)



 (1) Respect yourself.     (2) Respect others.    (3) Respect other people property.


     Please be respectful to all leaders and your fellow peers at the conference.

    Inappropriate such as fighting, cursing, disrespecting leaders and peers will not be


     Inappropriate physical contact with others will not be tolerated.

      It is important that no one leaves the Hyatt hotel premises. 

      Young men are not allowed into the young women’s area.

      Young women are not allowed into the young men’s area.

       DO NOT go into another peers or leaders who are associated with our groups. Do not

        If student persist to engage in inappropriate behavior, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be

        contacted. Then the student will be sent home.


In case of emergency that requires leaving the Hyatt hotel premises, an adult leader will contact the parents/guardian of the student(s) involved. Then an adult leader or the student’s parent (s) or guardian(s) will safely accompany them to the correct facility.


CELL PHONESWe understand that you may need your phone for emergency purposes. We ask that during the gatherings you only use your phones for the Bible app and notes. Please do not text or make phone calls during gatherings and sessions unless it is an medical or parental emergency. Please feel free you utilized your cell phones responsibly during your free time.


We look forward to a great time,

Ara Williams

If you need to contact me please call (618) 521-0808