Small Group Leader Resources

We know Virtual Small Groups are different than what we’re used to, so we wanted to provide some tools to help your Small Groups build community and have fun! There are several games to choose from that can be played virtually to get your group started or if the group wants to spend extra time hanging together after the group wraps up. Your group can pick one game a week to try out. Have fun with it! We’ve also provided a list of questions to help you get to know each other better. Pick one or two questions a week to have each group member answer to kick off the group.

Games and Resources

Please be aware that you are downloading or using third party applications that are not owned or built by Solutions Church. We cannot endorse these in their entirety.

Please access these third party applications at your own discretion.

  • You know those fun backgrounds you can use on Zoom? Our team made some backgrounds just for you and your group! Download them HERE!

  • Scavenger Hunt

    1. Have everyone in your Small Group find the items listed below in their home, one item at a time.
    2. After they find each item, have everyone in the group vote on the winner for the best item that round. Voting can be tallied verbally or in the chat feature of your group’s video meeting platform.
    3. At the end of the game, tally up who won the most rounds!

    Tip: You can add or take away items to customize the length of the game or based on the group’s interests or age.

    • Favorite coffee mug
    • A beach towel
    • A plant
    • Favorite book
    • Favorite movie (has to be a DVD/ VHS)
    • A stuffed animal
    • Favorite picture
  • Heads Up!

    1. Have each member of your Small Group download the game app.
    2. Split the group into two teams.
    3. Choose a game to play within the app. Instructions are included in the app for each game.
    4. Choose a team to go first, and have the team choose one of their teammates to play first.
    5. That group member will start playing and the teams and players will take turns.
    6. Designate someone to keep score for each team and announce the winning team at the end!

    1. Launch this drawing and guessing game, and click “Create Private Room.”
    2. Customize the game settings to your preference.
    3. Invite your Small Group to play by sending them the link in your video meeting platform’s chat feature or your group’s regular thread of communication.
    4. Each player will take turns selecting a word and drawing it while the other players guess what is being drawn.
    5. Follow the instructions given.

  • Pictionary

    1. Your Small Group can use Zoom’s whiteboard feature or each group member can grab a small whiteboard or notebook to draw on. To use Zoom’s whiteboard, click “Share Screen,” select the whiteboard, and click “Share.” You should then be able select different tools and use your mouse to draw. Each player should share the whiteboard from their computer when it’s their turn.
    2. Split the group into two teams.
    3. Designate a group member to track time for each person’s turn. Each team member gets one minute to draw.
    4. Open the Pictionary word generator, pick a team to play first, and pick a member of that team to draw.
    5. If the team guesses correctly within the drawing time, they receive a point.
    6. Keep score based on how many correct guesses each team has.
  • Charades

    1. Split the group into two teams.
    2. Designate a group member to track time for each person’s turn. Each team member gets one minute to act out the word or phrase.
    3. Access this charades idea generator for ideas of what to act out.
    4. Have everyone use the Zoom “spotlight” feature during their turn. Under “Manage Participants,” click the individual’s name, and click “Spotlight Video.”
    5. Have each team member take turns acting something out while their teammates guess what they are acting out.
    6. Keep score based on how many correct guesses each team has.
  • Crossword Puzzles

    1. Pull up the live Crossword Puzzle and share your screen via the group’s video meeting platform.
    2. Work together to solve the puzzle and share answers verbally or through the video meeting platform’s chat.
  • Name, Place, Animal, Thing

    1. Pick a letter and have each member of your Small Group list someone’s name, a place, an animal, and a thing that starts with that letter.
    2. Whoever types them into the video meeting platform’s chat first wins!
  • Trivia

    1. Access the Random Trivia Generator and select a category to play within.
    2. Split the group into two teams.
    3. Designate a team member to track time and each team’s score.
    4. Designate a team and player to go first and read their question to them. Give each player 30 seconds to answer their question.
    5. For each correct answer, their team gets a point!
  • Table Topics