Family Group Resources

We are excited that you decided to consider these resources for you and your family. We believe that Together, we can continue to be a church that makes every effort to promote unity in the body of Christ and the world. Take advantage of all these resources to begin great conversations.

Oneness Embraced

Tony Evans

Fully encompassing areas of unity, history, culture, the church and social justice, this curriculum looks to the scriptures for the balance between righteousness and justice. Oneness Embraced shares kingdom-minded approaches for biblical justice and social restoration.

YouVersion Study Plans

Discover YouVersion studies that you can experience with your family

  • Instead of unity, many people merely tolerate other races. They simply put up with others without any desire to actually enter into a relationship with them. In this 3-day reading plan, Dr. Tony Evans will help us move away from racial tolerance and move towards reconciliation. We will discuss the keys to authentic biblical reconciliation and why it is absolutely crucial for true unity within the body of Jesus Christ.

  • Cultivating A Heart Of Mercy is an all-new, 6-day Bible Plan, featuring exclusive video content from the Hard Questions, Heart Answers author. Through a series of inspiring video devotionals, Bernice shows us the relationship between justice and mercy, reveals the source of our power to forgive, and shares how we can redeem our own suffering to serve others.

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s happening in our world, you know this: Racism is real. But when it comes to talking to kids about racism, many parents are uncertain about how to talk about it with their kids. And while we want to address it, we wish we could shelter them from ever witnessing anything so reminiscent of our dark and painful history.

But somehow, we know that part of the solution for change starts with us. We also know that as parents, we have an opportunity to make a difference in this world through the incredible influence we have on our kids—who are watching, listening, and taking it all in-regardless of whether we intend for them to or not.

We also want to bring hope and comfort to our kids through our words and actions in troubling times, so as you think about how to talk to your kids about the realities and uncertainties of our world, we encourage you to ask yourself a few questions.