Christmas Season 2020

As we kick off our new series to enter Advent season, we recognize that Christmas 2020 may be the most important Advent celebration ever! After months of isolation, social distancing and uncertainty, we know you may need to reconnect and start fresh. We pray that Advent's universal themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy will resonate with you more this year than ever, even if it's not part of your annual Christmas tradition!

This reading plan contains devotions for each of the four weeks before Christmas. Based around the weekly themes of hope, peace, joy, and love, there are seven devotions for each theme. There is also a devotion for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day. These emphasize the rediscovery of Christmas in the practice and experience of each trait, and they lead us in reminders of good news in our troubles and uncertainties. Practical questions help to spur us toward ways to apply hope, peace, joy, and love in our own lives.

In addition, each weekly section contains an introduction page with a song to sing, verses to memorize, a question to ponder, and a verse to focus on throughout the week. We encourage you to use these sections as a guide for a weekly lighting of your own Advent wreath. Whether you do this alone, as a family, with friends, as a small group, in person, or virtually, the tradition of the lighting of the candles will add to the richness of your Advent experience. And singing the songs can make the experience especially fun and meaningful if you have kids.

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